What does it mean when planets are in retrograde?

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Retrograde-   /ˈretrəʊˌɡreɪd/

“Directed or moving backwards”

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What is retrograde?

There are certain periods throughout every year when the planets move in the opposite direction than they normally do. This is when the planets move in retrograde.

How long are planets in retrograde?

The time period each planet is in retrograde varies. The outer planets of the solar system move slower which causes them to stay in retrograde longer. Their time frame varies between 4 to 5 months within a year. The inner planets of the solar system move faster than the outer planets, which allows retrograde for shorter periods of time.   Their time frame varies between 3 weeks to 3 months. However, the inner planets are in retrograde more often!

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What does it mean when planets are direct?

The planets stop moving in retrograde. They move forward again, instead of backwards.

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What do the planets in retrograde have to do with me?

When planets are in retrograde, it creates huge energy shifts here on Earth. The slowing down of the planets causes us to really be aware of ourselves, and the events occurring in our lives. Memorable events usually happen during these periods.  Our focus on our inner selves is important when planets are in retrograde. Everything around us is encompasses energy so it is something to take seriously; only if you desire inner healing and growth of course.

Should I be anxious when planets are in retrograde?

Many individuals promote fear when the planets are in retrograde. I’ve witnessed various social media ‘cult leaders’ popularize this kind of vibration concerning the planets in retrograde. They make it seem like only bad things happen during this time. I was even sucked into this type of mindset when I first began studying Astrology. However, we should not focus on the emotion of fear during times of retrograde. It is the best time to really focus our energy on the things we usually ignore or repress.

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How do I take advantage of the energy shift?

As emotional beings, we have a way of masking our inner issues or projecting it onto the ones we love/hate. Our subconscious selves may push our repressed issues to the forefront during retrograde. This allows us to address things we may have previously ignored.

The Universe has a way of repeating the lessons you failed to learn before, until you really get it. It may give you some bruises but it will only make you stronger. In my opinion, life is all about healing and becoming familiar with our true selves again.   During retrograde is the perfect time to slow down and get reacquainted!


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