Spring Style


| Blazer: Papaya | Body suit: Forever21 | Jeans: Ross |

| Shoes: Target |

Introduce yourself.

“Hi! My name is Courtney Clark (CC for short). I’m 20 years old, currently in college, and I am also a dispatcher at Tampa General Hospital.”

How did you go about putting together this outfit?

“I was inspired by a Spring blazer, casual look. I wanted to go about completing this look the cheapest way possible, while still achieving a classy look!”

What is your favorite item in this outfit & why?

“My favorite item in this outfit is the jeans. I love the casual look boyfriend jeans give and they’re also super comfy.”

What are your go to colors for Spring?

“My go to colors for Spring are peach, baby blue, pastels.”

Any tips on Spring style?

“My tip for Spring style is to have fun with colors. It’s getting warmer so pull out your skirts and sundresses, and enjoy the weather.”



Connect with CC on Instgram:  @cc.deja


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