Grow Your Hair Fast!

In the year of 2009, I began the habit of washing my hair in cool water. I heard it was much better for natural hair than warm water. I realized after doing this, my curls had so much more moisture. I continued washing it in cool water until around 2011. I began getting my hair done by a woman who specialized in natural hair. The first time I went to her was for a wash and press. (Yes, she still used a hot comb lol…and the results were always amazing!)

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After conditioning my hair she washed it out with ice, cold water.  Okay, it might not have been ice cold, but it was COLD!  I’m a little dramatic, but I felt like I was in shock for awhile. I probably even pulled my head away from the faucet lol. After I regained warmth in my head, the hairstylist explained why she used cold water.

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Cold water seals in the moisture of the conditioner used. It also stimulates the cuticles in the scalp and “awakens” them, in a way.  Stimulated scalp & hair cuticles = faster & thicker hair growth!  Defined curls are also something many curly girls strive for. Cold water reduces the frequency of frizzy curls. Additionally, cold water smoothens hair cuticles, which gives the hair a healthy and shiny appearance.


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Regardless of the benefits of washing with cold water, it took me awhile to include that in my hair routine at home. Luckily, I got my hair done every three weeks, which allowed me time to get acclimated with this temperature shift. Before long I was at home turning the water to cold as I washed the conditioner out of my hair. I saw results soon enough. My hair began to grow like crazy. The length, thickness and quality had improved drastically. It slowly began to resemble my hair before I began experimenting with hair dye and heat tools. To this day I still choose to co-wash my hair in cold water and I would recommend it to anyone with curls.


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