Let’s Talk Style


|Top: Forever 21| Jeans: Thrifted| Shades: SunglassSpot| |Shoes: Urban Outfitters|

“STYLE is a way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe

Meet Breeana Smith, a 21 year old fashionista residing in Raleigh, NC!

Every since I was younger, I’ve always had a passion for fashion and the industry as a whole. I would say my grandmother influenced my style growing up, she always had cute pieces I would take when she couldn’t fit them anymore lol. I wore a uniform throughout elementary school so it wasn’t until middle school where I began to play around with my clothes. My friends would always tell me I could make something out of nothing, and they were right.

I would describe my style as very versatile, yet still developing.  One day I’m girly and chic, then the next you can catch me in a graphic tee and some platforms.  I’m not big on following every trend, but I am up to date on them.  I draw inspiration mostly from celebs and tumblr.  My celebrity style icons include: Rihanna (of course), Zendaya, and Nazanin Mandi.

All of these women have different styles and can pull off anything to me honestly. I love how Rihanna is a trend setter and plays around with different looks, killing them all every time. Zendaya inspires me because her style is also very versatile and she makes everything look elegant. I love how Nazanin’s style is consistent. Nazanin is known for her short curly bob, and her “soft grunge” outfits. Last but not least Solange inspires me and my style in so many ways.

Although my style is constantly changing and still evolving, I just like to tell others to have fun with it!!!

Written By:

Breanna S.

21, Raleigh, NC. @breeyanae @edgyelegancee

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