An open letter to girls with abusive pasts and broken hearts

Dear Beauty,

Infinite being of the cosmos, whose light soars so radiantly into the heavens that even the angels rejoice in sweet ecstasy at the magnitude of your greatness.

Do not be dismayed by your current anguish. For like all champions of this world and the next, you are learning the art of resilience, perseverance, and strength.

The sadness that holds you prisoner in a room has got you believing the ugly veil of darkness is your own. All the while you carry the key to which has kept you bound.

You do not live in this room.  It is not your own.  In fact, you are being guided by the universal lens of your heart, mind and eternal soul to move forward.

I understand the need to linger, the attachment, the sense of belonging to this place of familiarity. Stockholm by fear and failure, you must break free by taking your first step; or become a faithful servant to the very energy that feeds off your light, and what is killing you softly in the process.

Beauty remember who you are, it is only in the depth of your despair where your flames burn the brightest. Shine on, you are the great escape.



A creative piece by:

Malika Adiki Blackwood

21, Tampa, FL.         @modhisattva

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