5 coping skills to use to deal with stressful situations

Spend Time Alone

Spending time alone during a stressful situation gives you the chance to process whatever it is that you are going through. A lot of people do not like sitting with their feelings and like to just brush things under the rug and hold it off until later. Processing your feelings and sitting with them can be very therapeutic and a great way to help you move along. Spending time alone also means staying off of the phone, including social media. This is a time to get away from any possible negativity and recharge. 


Meditating can help you control stress as well as release anxiety. Meditation can be done sitting down, laying down or in any position that is comfortable to you. Take a few moments to focus on your breathing and release all of the tension that you’re holding in your body. While mediating try to dismiss any thoughts or worries that may come into your mind, this takes practical but you can do it! Instead of focusing on the worries and thoughts, try focusing on your breathing. A lot of times I will use mediation to take a moment to go over everything that I am thankful for.


Spirituality has many different meanings and can mean something different for everyone. For some, spirituality can be tied into religion. For others, spirituality can mean aligning chakras and burning sage. Find out what it means for you and look into it. Being spiritual and believing in a higher power or divine being can have many health benefits. 


One day I will commit to exercising regularly. Until then, I will do so when I need to relax. There are many different ways to exercise, but my personal favorite is yoga. I can get a good workout in while also being able to mediate. It really helps to take my mind off of everything else going on in life and just find peace. If you aren’t into yoga or exercising in general, just moving your body can be very beneficial. Exercising can provide stress relief. 

Indulge In Hobbies 

Whenever I need a pick me up I go back to the things that make me happy and keep me calm. Some of my favorite hobbies include: dancing, drawing, watching movies, DIY projects, etc. I also take this time to explore other interests that I’ve never tried before. This is also a great way to see what you’re interested in. You may even find yourself being good at something you never thought you would be. Indulging in the things you love can relieve stress. 

Do you use any of these coping skills to deal with stressful situations? Do you use any that are not listed here?

Written By:

Sydni S.

21, Tampa, FL. @sydnijaiforever

2 thoughts on “5 coping skills to use to deal with stressful situations

  1. theisisfiles says:

    I use meditation the most when I am stressed. Spending time in nature boosts my mood so much!
    I also feel less stressed when I get out and have laughs with family or friends. Great post Sydni!


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